Events 12-01-2020

A rich program to celebrate the new year's yannayer

On January ,9th,2020, the University of Tlemcen celebrated the new year's Amazigh Yannayer 2070 with a rich program. 

Supervise by the Rector of the University Pr.BOUCHRIT Kebir, this event is celebrated in the presence of teachers 

SENOUCI Ghouti and ROSTAN Rachida through their precious conference.

In his speech. the Rector Pr.BOUCHRIT Kebir . stressed the importance of this occasion and it relation with a 

stabilization of national identify and concretization of national cohesion .

The program was also marked by the presentation of poetic, documentary and musicals exposition by the 

students, and a special exposition Amazigh cultural of the cultural association “Tagratet” . And this event is an occasion to 

honor a group of students’ winner at the university football tournament.