Results 08-10-2019

Mustapha Djafour Award: the First Phase's Results

List of selected candidates of each faculty:


Faculty of Sciences: Dr BENOMARI Fatima Zohra

Faculty of SNVSTU: Dr AISSAOUI Nadia

Faculty of Technology: Dr BRIXI NIGASSA Mohammed  ElAmine

Faculty of Medicine: Dr SOUFI BornTALEB BENDIAB Nabila

Faculty of Economic Sciences: Dr SARI HASSOUN Salah Eddine

Faculty of Law and Political Sciences: Dr GHALEM Nadjoua

Faculty of Human and Social Sciences: Dr MHAMDI Hamza

Faculty of Letters: Dr BENMEDAH Chemissa


A period of 03 days is allowed for possible appeals which must be filed at the level of the faculty committees. These appeals will be reviewed on Thursday, September 26, 2019, where the final results of the winners will be made.


minutes of the commission