The information day organized on the 7th of January 2015 at the distance education center at the Chétouane cluster was animated by Mr Bouchrit ROUISSAT, former Vice Rector of Development and Foresight at the University of Tlemcen and was attended by the Deans. faculties and their administrative staff, the directors of research laboratories, the directors and administrative staff of the two preparatory schools of Science and Technology and Economics, as well as some representatives of the external audit bodies.

 This day included three conferences that were spread over the day:

 Basis of the public procurement procedure,

Typology of public contracts and adoption cases,

Comparative analysis of the provisions of Presidential Decree 15-247 of 20.09.2015 regulating public procurement in relation to Presidential Decree 10-236 of 07.10.2010 modified and completed.

Conferences and debates have been oriented towards the concerns of authorizing officers, secondary authorizing officers and managers in the application of the provisions of the Public Procurement Code and made it possible to review the practical practices to be implemented in order to respect the three foundations. contractual procedures, namely: freedom of access to public procurement, transparency of procedures and equal treatment of candidates. The day was closed with practical recommendations on the actions to be taken to be in harmony with the new provisions of Presidential Decree 15-247 in terms of internal administrative organization and vis-à-vis the external control bodies.