Central Library

The establishment of the University Library dated 1975 with the establishment of the University center of Tlemcen.

 In the early eighties a new center was built at Bel Horizon includes a library of nearly 200 seats After restructuring in 1984, the documentary of the university fund was distributed between INES and following the creationof University of Tlemcen in 1989, a chief curator was appointed as responsible to ensure coordination between eight (08) peripheral libraries It was only from 1996 that the University Library has seen the installation of Conservative specialist library which now manages the new structure and the technical coordination of faculty libraries hope for improvement lies in the new Central Library project reference distributed over 3 levels with a storage capacity of 525,000 books and Hospitality 1034 seats.

 This futuristic library that is designed according to international standards requires highly qualified personnel to meet the challenge of this new century evolution of the University of Tlemcen in the last ten years in terms of infrastructure and equipment has been the realization of a Central University Library at the pole Imama which opened October 1, 2000 as a reading room in the service of teachers and students in post -graduation, while enrollment has reached 6959, and in 2010 the library has 16,779 registered students in graduation, post graduation in 175 researchers and 452 teachers.

The capacity is 1034 seats of which 160 are equipped with computer workstations under -form network and a dedicated Internet line 2 Mbit Central Library has made available to those users on its website digital catalog Background document contains Monographs on 25764 12171 13593 foreign languages and Arabic Magazines, 21438, Thesis 7746, Dictionaries & Encyclopedias 3122 bibliographic records.

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