Created by Decree No. 89-138 of the 1st  of August  1989, modified and completed  by  the Executive Decree No. 95-205 of August 5th  1995, then amended by Executive Decree No. 98-391 of December 2nd  1998, the University of Belkaïd Abou Bekr Tlemcen results from of a long evolution.

At the beginning, higher education stared at a university center that included at the origin (1974-1980) the only core curriculum of Exact Sciences and Biology.

This teaching has gradually extended to new sectors, covering every year, a series of training courses and giving students the opportunity to pursue their entire graduation courses in Tlemcen. In addition to the establishment, often in difficult conditions, of pedagogical tasks, the former University Centre can count to its credit the first promotions graduated in Social and Human Sciences and in language.

In August 1984, the establishment of the new university map and thus the creation of national institutes of higher education will first consequence of allowing in the one hand, to certain sectors confined as mere departments to acquire the status of real institutions, on the other hand, to new sectors to emerge.

This step enables the creation of an education of level 5 (University Applied Studies Degree: D.E.U.A) and the development of the first post-graduation in almost all fields insured in Tlemcen. Finally, it allows the launch of the second post graduationfrom1991-1992.

It was at the end of fifteen years of gestation that appears the University of Abou Bekr Belkaïd.  A new entity, rich in this long period of maturation leads to new challenges.
The university has 8 faculties today. It is located on 5 university poles named as follows: Imama pole, Chetouane pole, Kiffane pole, pole ring road also called the new pole and the pole Miloud barracks, to which adds Annex Maghnia.