Research 19-12-2016

The WSIS Prizes 2017

Building upon the outcomes of the United Nations General Assembly Overall Review on WSIS, as well the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the WISI Prizes, facilitated by ITU in coordination with all WSIS stakeholders, the WSIS Prizes 2017 contest, while continuing to highlight progress made towards achieving the WSIS goals, will also continue to reflect to which of the newly proposed Sustainable Development goals (SDGs) the submitted projects are mostly linked to.

All stakeholders are urged to encourage their networks to join the WSIS Prizes process, including the multistakeholder open consultation process for the WSIS Forum 2017, in order to ensure that all features correspond to the real needs of the WSIS implementation process towards 2025. Phase one will open the call for submissions to the contest of the WSIS Prize 2017. Starting from 5 September 2016 until 15 February 2017, all stakeholders are invited to submit WSIS related projects to the WSIS Prize 2017 contest. In order to process the submission, stakeholders are requested to complete the submission form for WSIS Prize 2017 online here.

ICTs are enablers for sustainable development, and reporting on ICT success stories to best showcase the possible achievement of SDGs is the major objective of WSIS Stocktaking process, including WSIS Prizes, as already recognized and anticipated by the WSIS stakeholders’ community. The contest thus comprises 18 categories which are linked to the 11 WSIS Action Lines outlined in the GENEVA Plan of Action and SDGs. WSIS Action.

To participate, Please fill out the form in English; and send it to the following e-mail address:, and send another copy to the following address:; and this before January 31, 2017.