Call for international projects

Between Aboubekr Belkaid University and  :

  1. Universities of Aleppo and Damascus (Syria).
  2. The University of Tunis (Tunisia).
  3. The University of Barcelona (Spain).
  4. The University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France).
  5. The University "Tor Vergata", Rome (Italy).

International Agreements

 Agreements type "CMPE" (Joint Committee project evaluation)

               Algeria-France They cover the following areas :

  1. Contributionto the study ofmatorrals in the mountains ofTlemcen.
  2. Mathematicaltools for the assessmentand control ofanimal populationsexploited.
  3. The informal economyin Algeria: Employment and funding.
  4. Organic synthesisofPAF antagonistsHIV inhibitors.
  5. Study of the relationship"structure-property" and "structure -activity"molecular systems.
  6. Characterizationof the oxide layersobtained by chemicalandthermaltreatmentonthe poroussilicon.
  7. Statistics of autoregressivecontinuous time process.
  8. Budget policy-structural adjustment andgrowth in Algeria.
  9. Roleof polyunsaturated fattyacids onlipoprotein metabolismand the immune system.
  10. Modeling via equivalent circuitsof antennas andnetworks ofprinted antennas.

Agreements type « PICS »( International Scientific Cooperation Program Algeria-France).

Thermodynamic and optical properties of liquid crystal mixtures and polymers

DRS/CNRS Projects

Scientific Research direction, National Center for Scientific Research Algeria-France.

Organic chemistry applied: Natural substances, synthetic beta-lactams, biological activities.