conventions and National Projects

Projects "ANDRU"

National Agency for Development of Academic research.

  1. Treatment ofheavy metals.
  2. Physico-chemicalstudy of polymers.
  3. Preparation ofcatalysts
  4. Pesticideschemistry productsand mode of action.
  5. Optimizationof a photovoltaic system.
  6. Use offood products.
  7. Hydrogeology –
  8. Integratedsteppe environment
  9. Analysis ofmicrowavepassive filters.
  10. Study and analysisofthe evaluation system.
  11. Networksplans orconformed
  12. Behavior ofdamsface thedynamic stresses.
  13. Constraints analysisof a satellite.

National conventions

Between the University and Abou bekr Belkaid:

  1. The Companymetallurgyandmetal transformation(METANOF) (OngoingSignature).
  2. The National Parkof Tlemcen.
  3. The Chamber of Commerceand Industry « LA TAFNA » (Tlemcen –Ain Témouchent).
  4. MunicipalPopular Council Tlemcen (Restoration of Monuments).