A delegation from Kopia Algéria: Korea International Agricultural Program, led by Dr Pae Director, Do-HAM was received on 27 January 2016 by the rector of the University of Tlemcen, by Professor Mustapha DJAFOUR.

The reception ceremony and the vice-rector of external relations, Mr. Mohamed Tewfik BENGHEBRIT, and the director of the Faculty of Sciences of Nature and Life, Mr. Farid LAHFA and members of the Kopia project.

A presentation on Kopia Algeria and different aspects and experiences on Algeria, a work of cooperation with the universities of Tlemcen, Algiers 2 (Abu Kacem Saadallah University of Bouzareah) and that of Constantine, as well as past experiences in growing vegetables with new techniques (green salad, turnip, tomato, tomato-cherry and a mushroom growing project). It was also appreciated Kopia's experience in South Africa in the Korean international agriculture program.

The Rector warmly welcomed the study of level of cooperation and availability and the commitment of the University of Development in agricultural projects